In the autumn of September,

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11 led 2019, 08:30

In the autumn of September, the golden sun shone as we walked into the 24th Teacher's Day. In this happy, warm and exciting moment, please allow me to hold the most sincere heart on behalf of the whole school, and wish all the teachers and teachers who care and care forteacher, you are engaged in the most brilliant career under the sun. You have cultivated talents from generation to generation Cheap Newport Shorts Free Shipping, but you are not asking for a return. How many days and nights, you tirelessly struggle on the educational front, bring knowledge and strength to the students; how many times, you play the role of a close friend, listen to the voices of the students; how many times, like your loved ones, ask for help , care about our lives. You are the candlelight, illuminating the heart of every student, indicating the way forward; you are raining, watering the seedlings of the plant. When the teacher is toiled, the work of shaping the soul is great; the burning of the red candle is short-lived Newport Cigs Cheap, but she burns herself and illuminates the heart of others but it is eternal.students, let us turn our deep love for the teacher into practical action, respect the teacher, and earnestly take each class as the best gift for the teachers. The face came a girl of about one meter and four. You see her forehead bare, with a "bun" on the back of her head, her eyes watery, and a smile on her lips. She is my good friend Hu Wanyu. She has many good qualities.we had a class performance in the class, she carefully selected a text to let me write the script. At noon, I went home and watched TV for a long time. Until half an hour from school time, I began to write the script slowly, only to complete the task. It took more than twenty minutes and my script was written. When I came to school, I immediately took out the script and gave it to her. She read it word by word. Suddenly she said to me: "This sentence is a bit unreasonable. Go and change it!" I was very upset, heart. I think, this script is written by me. Is it up to you to write good or bad? So I said to her impatiently, "Oh, it��s not a word, let it go!" She listened and said to me seriously: "Don��t think that this sentence is very simple, if you put this script Send it to the actor, the actor will do what I said above. If the audience under the audience hears that there is a problem with this sentence, they will feel that our drama is not good. If the audience feels that our drama is not good, they will not support us. If no one supports us, all our efforts will not be in vain!�� After listening to Hu Wanyu��s words Carton Sale On Newports, my heart could not be calm for a long time. It is indeed that I did something wrong. At this time, Hu Wanyu put the script on the desk, took the pen from the pencil case, changed the sentence that was not fluent, and then read it again, occasionally looking at the head and thinking for a while, then. The water-based pen onth class that day, the teacher asked us to draw a rectangular parallelepiped in the classroom homework with a pencil. Everyone was painting. A classmate didn't bring a pencil and went around to find someone to borrow Newport Cigarettes At Wholesale Prices. But no one lend it to him. When he borrowed from me, I don't think I will lend it to you. What if you broke my high-end automatic pencil? I turned my eyes and said to the classmate Buy Newport Online Cheap, "I am painting, you still borrow from other students!" He took the pen out of the pencil bag and painted it. At this time, he was seen by Hu Wanyu, she thought without thinking. He handed his pencil to him. I saw my head bowed down.